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SCARD relies entirely on volunteer
fundraising to continue its work

There are numerous ways in which you can support SCARD, from planning and hosting your own fundraising event, to taking part in a sponsored bungee jump or skydive. You could also set up a memorial fund for people to make donations to, which will in turn benefit our core funding and enable us to continue providing support work. Remembrance gifts are also available to purchase, including wristbands, pin badges, a cookbook, pens and car stickers.

Fundraising Events

There are a many tried and tested ways to raise money for SCARD. Here are some ideas to get you started:

Give As You Live – you can help us earn money as you shop on sites such as Amazon, eBay, John Lewis and Tesco. Simply sign up for an account and select SCARD as your chosen charity. It costs you nothing and we will receive a small amount of cash back as you make purchases.

Non uniform day – give a donation to attend school/college in your own clothes

Job swaps – we all feel at times we can do better than the boss. Auction the MD/head of departments/cleaner's job for an afternoon

Fancy dress – pay to come to work in fancy dress (H&S permitting)

Fashion show

Concert/play/musical evening

Other suggestions:

  • Fete

  • Car Boot Sale

  • It's A Knock-Out

  • Sponspored Silence

  • Sponsored Haircut

  • 5/7 a side football/rugby/hockey/etc.

  • Sponsored Walk

  • MaraTHON, WalkaTHON, SlimaTHON

  • Launching a successful event

    The key word is PLANNING – allow plenty of time to look at the various aspects of the challenge that lies before you. Discuss with friends, colleagues, and management about how easily the event can be organised.

    Planning a Fundraiser

    Some hints and tips to make a success of your chosen your event:

  • Do we have the people to ensure the project runs smoothly?

  • Will the event cost us anything to get off the ground?

  • Arrange a date

  • What resources do we need?

  • How do we publicise the event?

  • What can go wrong?

  • Get a local celebrity who may give their time

  • Publicising the event
  • Publicity is Key

    The event must be well publicised to be successful.


  • Advertise on work notice boards

  • Advertise in the company magazine/newsletter

  • Announce the event at briefings

  • Spread the news by word of mouth


  • Leaflets to families or local suppliers

  • Announcements on local radio stations or in the local paper

  • Notices in public places - surgeries, libraries or local shops
  • Collecting Sponsor Money

    SCARD provides the following for fundraisers;

  • A safe and secure way for people to sponsor you online by providing a PayPal 'Donate' button

  • Printed versions of sponsorship forms sent out in the post for those who do not use the internet

  • A page on our website , with details including a table showing online and offline sponsors to date.

  • For further information, please call us on 01924 562 252 or click the button below to email us.