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Practical help for the injured or
bereaved in road traffic incidents

Practical help for the injured or
bereaved in road traffic incidents

Following a road traffic collision in which somebody has been killed or seriously injured, there can be all manner of practical and legal implications. SCARD can support and help those who have been affected in this way by providing independent and unbiased help on inquests, criminal proceedings which may follow road traffic collisions, and claims for compensation.

Free legal help is available at all times - please call 01924 562 252 or click the email button below for further information - we will be happy to support you through these difficult times. You can also download our information leaflets below.

Bereavement and Coroner’s Inquest

What To Do After a Death in England and Wales
- Dept of Works and Pensions Booklet D49

This booklet explains how to deal with the personal affairs of someone who has died.

It includes advice about making funeral arrangements; legal formalities; benefits procedures; how to obtain financial help. Copies can be obtained from local offices of the Department of Works and Pensions and are free of charge via the link.


Sudden Death and the Coroner - Victims’ Voice Booklet Coroner's Post Mortem and Inquests - Information for Suddenly Bereaved People

The Victims’ Voice booklet 'Sudden Death and the Coroner' adds to the Home Office leaflet 'When Sudden Death Occurs' and is written from the perspective of suddenly bereaved people.

The booklet information is based on questions known to arise when coroners’ enquiries are underway. It is specific to the Coroner Service and can be used in all sudden death cases. A list of contacts when specialist sudden death support and guidance are needed is given in Section 25.

Click the booklets link to order the booklets free of charge.

This address can also be used for further information and support if suddenly bereaved people encounter difficulties with the Coroner Service:

Victims’ Voice
PO Box 21

Registered Charity 1067805


Victim Focus Scheme

Document outlining the new Victim Focus Scheme that deals with the relationship between a bereaved victim and the CPS - this is available in PDF format by clicking here.

I want to complain about a coroner

If you are not happy with the way a Coroner dealt with your inquest, please click the button below to download the complaints form.